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OMR has undoubtedly emerged as a pulsating IT hub in Chennai, catering to the growing demands of the tech industry, and MARG prides itself for being one of the few companies to recognize this potential. In the heart of the most happening spot for office and coworking spaces, We have 2 standalone buildings right at Karapakkam, adding to the allure of city's bustling IT corridor:

Our modern and architecturally impressive structures offer numerous advantages for businesses seeking a strategic location in Chennai. Our office buildings stand tall amidst the tech parks and IT hubs, boasting cutting-edge design and amenities. With an attractive facade, ample parking space, and lush landscaping-- they create a professional and welcoming environment.

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- 07 kms from Tidel Park, Taramani
-15 kms from Chennai International Airport

Their strategic location on OMR ensures easy accessibility for employees and clients, with excellent connectivity to Chennai's city center and the Chennai International Airport. The interior of our buildings is thoughtfully designed to promote productivity and collaboration. Spacious, well-lit workspaces, ergonomic furniture, and high-speed internet make them an ideal choice for IT companies, startups, and corporate offices. The buildings are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, ensuring a safe working environment round the clock. We offer a variety of office sizes and configurations to cater to businesses of all scales. Whether you're a small startup looking for a shared workspace or a multinational corporation in need of a dedicated floor, our standalone office buildings can meet your requirements.

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Your success is our priority. Choose Digital Accelerator and Digital Zone as your new business address and experience growth like never before. Join the league of industry leaders who have already recognized the advantages of a location in the IT Corridor. Contact us today to book a tour and explore the possibilities that await you at Digital Accelerator and Digital Zone. Your future is here, and it's in the heart of the IT Corridor.

Contact – Mr. Ajith
Mobile: 9941965632