MARG Group

| Apartments / Homes:

Marg Properties (Residential Wing), established in 2009, is known for its residential projects. The company is a subsidiary of the Marg Group. Throughout its journey, Marg Properties has achieved several significant milestones, marked by successful completion and delivery of projects.

| Completed Projects:

The residential segment of Marg Properties comprises of projects mentioned below: MARG has so far handed over about 2.05 Million sq.ft. of Residential units to 1808 customers and the details of handed over flats are given below:

| Current Projects:

In another 3 months times, we are scheduled to complete and hand over about 1.3 million sq.ft. of residential buildings to 1123 customers. By the end of December 2023, we would have delivered 3.05 million sqft of residential buildings and have around 3000 happy customers.

| New Upcoming Projects:

Looking ahead, Marg Properties has plans to launch three new projects:

| Pushkara Phase II:

Our online application has been cleared in all technical aspects and the approval may be obtained at any point in time. Since the project has only 2 Blocks with 64 Units in which one block's structure has been completed, the timeline of project completion would be a maximum of 12 months.

| Vishwashakthi Phase II & Savithanjali Phase II:

We will be looking for a Joint venture, and the same will be concluded within this FY 23-24 and launched in the next financial year, i.e., 24-25 FY.

Contact – Mr. K.Murali
Mobile: 8754441418